Roadworthy Certificate Services

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

RWC Melbourne offers RWC Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne after fully testing your vehicle. We are certified auto service or vehicle service provider that provides car enthusiasts with high-end car diagnostic servicing. We help in getting your vehicle or car back on the Australian road. Series of services carried out before we provide roadworthy certificate are vehicle (cars) maintenance and car repair, high-quality tyres, road side assistance, log book service, brake, suspension and air conditioning.

Reliable Roadworthy Inspection Services Near Me

We certify that the vehicle is fit to be used on the road. Roadworthiness inspection is carried out to check the operational suitability of a vehicle.

What are Roadworthiness and RWC?

Roadworthiness is a property or ability of a car or any kind of automobile to be in a suitable for operation on road or meeting acceptable automobile standards for safe driving and transport of people or cargo on roads. The vehicle needs to be compliant with road and transport authority guidelines of that location.
In Victoria, a Certificate of roadworthiness (RWC) is required when a vehicle is being sold or a used vehicle is re-registered. In some cases, this certificate is required to fix the vehicle defects diagnosed. Only licensed automobile tester can provide the roadworthy certificate. We ensure that you own a roadworthy certificate. The owner of the vehicle must provide a current road-worthiness certificate to the buyer, except the buyer is a spouse or a motor vehicle trader.

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