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July 14, 2017

Roadworthy Certificate Checklist

Know If Your Car is Worthy For Roadworthy Certificate?

Your safety is our priority. RWC Melbourne offers car diagnostic and maintenance services at your door step along with complete vehicle inspection before awarding Roadworthy certificate. We help you better know the requirements of passing your vehicle roadworthy test. Here, we have provided a comprehensive list of standards checklists that your vehicle must have to be provided a Roadworthy Certificate.
Before you are sure that your car will pass a roadworthy test is to get your vehicle examined by the roadworthy technician. have a roadworthy inspection performed by an authorised inspection station - Call RWC Melbourne today to book a fast and honest Roadworthy test for your car!

Roadworthy Requirements

Problems which could be found during a roadworthy inspection, and prepare you for any costs involved in passing an RWC test.

  • Wheel and Tyre Roadworthy test requirements
  • Steering and Suspension Roadworthy test requirements
  • Brakes Roadworthy test requirements
  • Seats and Seatbelts Roadworthy test requirements
  • General Vehicle Roadworthy test requirements
  • Lights, Signals and Reflectors Roadworthy test requirements